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Graphic / Web Design

From visual presentation to concept development, applying design solutions through critical thinking and technical application. Communicating through design using utility of programs, campaigns, and other creative outlets.


Creating a set that earns trust and respect from a team of producers, models and artists to go after one goal. A full dose of passion and intensity to engage viewers through photographs.

Identity / Branding / Marketing

Helping to brand your work to better position yourself in achieving ultimate goals. Strong brands are simple understandable expressions that must connect with consumers in an increasingly transparent, digitally connected market.

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You're viewing a collection of work by Arga Yudhistira, a multimedia lead designer based in Los Angeles. I provide design and art direction for online and print advertising, promotions, catalog, website, as well as photography.

As a designer, I'm well diverse in channeling my ability to various aspects of creative fields. Throughout my experience, I've handled tasks such as product branding, advertising campaign, tradeshow coordination and more.

Through design execution, I helped online advertising products improve click rates. I revamped websites to be more eye-pleasing, while still maintaining engaging user experience. I helped brand products to reach a better designated market areas. With that said, how can I help you improve your business from a creative sense?

At last, I kindly thank you for visiting my page!

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